Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chalkfest 2009

I participated in Chalkfest 2009 for the first time this year on Saturday, August 8th at Wilson Park (Eau Claire, WI). I didn't win anything; however, it was a great learning experience. I also know what to expect for next year and how to prepare for the event.

Conceptually, I wanted to take iconic images from different cult classic movies and collage them together. I was curious if people would recognize certain images when they were taken out of context (i.e. the film in which it appeared). Films such as Spaceballs, Clerks, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Memento, etc... To view images of my chalk drawing, click on the following link:


The weather could have been better... The rain from the night/morning before caused the fountain at the park to flood (lots of standing water), there were scattered showers throughout the day, and the event concluded earlier than planned due to a tornado watch! Thus, artists lost about 2-3 hours of drawing time, which isn't anything compared to other artists whose work was completely washed away by the rain!! There were many talented artists who participated in Chalkfest. Volume One Magazine, who organized the event, had photographers taking pictures throughout the day. These images can be viewed on Volume One's website by going to the following webpages:


(Note: 'Chalkfest' image above is credited to Volume One Magazine)

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