Thursday, January 29, 2009


On Tuesday, January 27, 2009, the class broke into groups of 3-4 people and were asked to respond to a series of questions related to the 20 found drawings each person had to find. I was in a group with Kate, Noah, and Chrissy.  Our response to the 'definition of drawing' was that drawing can be an expressive form of visual language with freedom in subject(s), medium(s), and process, among other things... What constitutes a drawing is basically in the eye of the artist and what he or she declares to be a drawing.  A few of the characteristics that define excellence in drawing are: 

-lines and/or marks
-shading and highlighting
-blending of hues/values
-perspective and/or depth

Our group then decided which are the best two found drawings of each person.  To view each of my group member's found images, click on their name below to be directed to each person's blog. (Note: Each blog will only contain a few of their 20 images; however links to their flickr accounts are available.)

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