Monday, February 2, 2009

Past and Present Drawing; Experience, Interest, and Function

In class on Thursday, January 29th, we split-up into groups and discussed questions about what drawings have been used for in the past and what drawings are used for in the present, our experiences with drawing as a viewer and as a drawer, when drawing has been the most interesting to us, and what we think should be the function of drawing. 

Our list of what drawing has been used for in the past included documentation, drafting, under-paintings, maps, decorations, research ('studies') for other projects, recreational, commissions, etc...  We came to the conclusion that many of the uses today are similar; however, through technological advancements many of these have become obsolete.  It has become more conventional to use up-to-date tools (e.g. computer-based programs, documentation w/photographs, etc...).  

Our experiences were based upon design elements & principles and concepts present in drawings, appreciation, and adoration.  As a viewer and a drawer, we learn how to refine our own drawings; we are constantly learning more about how to draw and about what constitutes as a drawing.  Drawing has been most interesting to us, when we have pushed our own boundaries, and in doing so, were able to see the evolution/progression of the work created. Another interesting aspect of drawing, is when you look back at the artwork you did as a child - the simplicity, the freedom, and the use of technical aspects used (which, as a child, you didn't even know existed). The function of drawing is... open ...

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