Sunday, February 15, 2009

Science and Nature Project - Experimental Drawing Pieces

These are a few practice pieces I have done.  My drawings were done in pencil and pastel, then 'Delocroix' spray fixative was applied.  I then used 'GEL-WAX' (a type of candle wax) over top of the drawings.  

 I like how the wax is working (i.e. the visual effects of it).
 However, after letting my 'test pieces' sit over the weekend, there is some sort of oily residue around the images and thick areas of gel-wax.  So, I will probably need to reinforce my paper with something to help stabilize it - because I am guessing that the oils from the wax have weakened  my paper.  As of now, I do plan on cutting away the negative space of the drawing in the final piece (i.e. all areas where you see white paper will be gone).  

I have talked with a few different people who have used wax in the past on various projects; all of whom, either used bees-wax or other varieties of wax which had delicate working abilities (e.g. the wax cracked very easily when it was moved-esp. in cases where the surface area wasn't
 solid or stabilized, the wax chipped easily, etc...).  The gel-wax, I have found, does not crack and; however, it does pick-up finger prints very easily.  

My 'egg' didn't quite turn out like I was hoping it would, thus far.  We'll see what happens...

I've posted more of the photos I took on  To view these images, click on any of the three images or follow the link specified below.

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